Monday, January 26, 2009

My Creations Cube and KTMH paper

I went to a workshop at my up-line's house (Brandy Jo). We made this cute cube. She got the idea (for the row of flowers) from the CTMH Spring 2009 Idea Book. The other sides of the cube was created by her. Thanks Brandy Jo for being a great up-line and creating such a fun project!

Project 365 (first page)

I finally finished the first page of my Project 365 for 2009. Hopefully, I will get the other pages/weeks done quickly so I don't get far behind!
NOTE: The Julian calender list January 1 to 3 of 2009 in week 53 of 2008. January 4 starts week 1 of 2009. That's why I didn't list week 1 on this post!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

2009 CTMH Album Retreat Layouts

Here are all the layouts I made while at the CTMH Album Retreat, in Salt Lake City, UT. I will post them again (individually) with pictures. I had a great time and meet so many amazingly crafty and artisitc ladies. I plan to never miss a CTMH Album Retreat.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Salt Flats

Here is the layout I submitted for the CTMH Album Retreat contest, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I did not get in the top 10. However, my friend Nicole did! Congratulations Nicole your layout is beautiful and your photos are great! Nona 's layout also hit top 10. Nona is an amazing girl and I love all of her artwork. I finally met Nona in person! I'm sure both girls will post their layouts on their blogs soon! I'm not sure who did the other top 10 layouts, but they are all AMAZING!

Update: Nona 's layout "FLY" won! It was a beautiful layout with great pictures of her daughter and husband. Congratulations Nona.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Sneak Peak....Can't Show You Yet!

Here is a sneak peak at a layout I will be submitting for the CTMH Album Retreat contest, in Salt Lake City, Utah. I got top 10 on a layout I submitted back in 2007 at the CTMH Album Retreat in Park City, Utah. It was a layout I did on my dad. I'm so excited I am attending another Album Retreat. I will post all the layouts here on my blog. :D

Saturday, January 3, 2009

February Workshops

This 12x12 layout, two cards and coaster photo frame are for my February workshop. The left side of the layout was scraplifted from the Spring 2009 Idea Book (page 23). After I took the picture of my cards I realized the "much happiness" Kanji phrase wasn't stamped dark enough (sorry).

The picture's in my layout were taken in November 2007, at the CTMH Album Retreat in Park City, UT. Yes, that white stuff in the pictures is snow.

I will be going to the next Album Retreat in Salt Lake City, UT later this month. I am so excited. I will post all of the layouts from Album Retreat here on my blog!