Monday, December 29, 2008

Mom's Angel

This layout was copied from the CTMH Key Notes for September/October 2008 (Volume 7/Issue 4). The pictures were taken by Kiddie Kandids.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Dear Santa

My children wrote letters to Santa Claus last night. I usually tuck the letters away to scrapbook at a later date and eventually misplace the them. I decided this time to quickly scrapbook their letters with a picture of Santa. The pics were taken at the mall last month.
Update: My baby sister told me I spelled Santa Claus wrong on my son's layout! Oops! I will post a correct one when/if I fix it.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Merry and Bright

This layout was created by my up-line, Brandy Jo. I enjoy going to her workshops. It's nice to get a layout already cut out for me sometimes! Thanks Brandy!

These pictures were taken last year at my daughter's Kindergarten Christmas program. She was the class clown during the program! She kept pulling the collar of her dress over her head and making funny faces. The crowd laughed, which gave her additional motivation to continue the clowning around. I was livid and embarrassed at her behavior! After the program I had other parents coming up to me saying she was great. One father even told me he stopped taping his child, so he could tape her! He probably put her on You Tube.

I had my daughter journal about this night. Here is what she said: I was funny or silly i dont no but i was funny very funny Mom was stoping me but the Pepl were laufing.

SNOW Layouts on Aspen Paper!

This layout is 9x9. The pictures are from January 2006. My son made the snowman by himself. He couldn't stack the snow balls on top of each other, so he placed them side-by-side.

This 12x12 layout was scrap lifted from Jena. I love all the layouts and cards she creates. The pictures are from January 2007. It didn't snow much that winter. I had to take my children up to the mountains so they could go sledding. If you look closely at the pictures you can see the brown colored grass just below the snow.
This 6x6 layout was also scrap lifted from Jena. Thanks Jena for your creative ideas!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Fun with Aspen Paper Packet

The left side of this 12 X 12 layout was scrap lifted from Jena. I love all of her work and when I seen this layout on her blog I feel in love and had to make my own. If I lived close to her I would join her club, even though I sell CTMH products myself! LOL! Now I need to take some fun snow pictures to put on this layout. Thanks Jena for your great ideas!

This 6X6 layout was also scrap lifted from Jena. I just love all of her work! Thanks again Jena for sharing your ideas on your blog! Now I will need to buy a small photo album to put this in. You have not seen the last of Jena's ideas because I am sure to make more! Maybe I should just move to WY!

I created these cards myself! Can you believe it? I usually don't make cards so this was a big stretch for me. I have had many people tell me they want to make cards, so here it is. These cards are for my club members to make in January. The cards are 6X4, 4X4, and 3X3. Thanks for looking!

Bountiful Temple

I got the idea for this layout from the CTMH Autumn/Winter 2008 Idea Book (page 31). I love this Aspen paper!