Saturday, November 22, 2008

Jedi Training is all HE wanted

This layout is from a workshop that my up-line Brandy Jo did. I changed the title to fit with my pictures. I had my children journal with me. I have written it using the exact words they used. Here is what we wrote:

I wrote - Once my son watched the Jedi training that's all he wanted to do. We waited and waited, but each time he was not chosen. It killed me when my daughter was chosen instead of him. I know it made him sad to sit and watch her do what he wanted to do so badly! After it was over he told me that they probably didn't pick him because he already knew how to use a light saber and fight like a Jedi. I took my kids to the gift shop to buy a light saber of their own. My son was finally happy.

My son wrote - When my sister got chosen I was jumping like a wild monkey and screaming like a wearwolf because I wanted to go up there but I didn't. The oldest kids up there did not now what he did with the life saber, but I now what he did. I will tell you what he did he swang it back and forth in front of his face 3 times, then stabed it. I was mad that I did not go up there and my sister did. I was wondering how Darthvaders life saber was like it was on T.V.

My daughter wrote - I trieTd to mack my brother raise his hand to get him up there. it was fun Jedi training! I was afrad? it was fun playing! it was fun Playing with the lifesaver I got uyoust to it!


Lois Lane said...

I think it's cute that you had them journal on it! That's a great idea!

Lori said...

Happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have a wonderful day. Love your layouts. They are just beautiful.