Saturday, March 19, 2016

Excited for my trip to Greece

This summer I will be going to Greece. It's been two years since I have been out of the country so I'm excited to go overseas again. The best thing about my trip is my children, best friend, sister, and niece will all be joining me. My other friend organized the trip and their is a total of 12 people going.

Here is my first scrapbook layout I've done for Greece. It was a quick and easy one to put together.

I copied it (sort-of) from Close to my Heart's art team. They posted the layout (below) on their blog a few weeks ago.

I've only completed one layout from my Italy trip which is sad. You can see it below. I took so many photos while in Italy that I was overwhelmed. I didn't even look at all of the photos until recently. I plan to work hard this year to get both trips scarpbooked so my children and I can enjoy them.

I started researching Greece. I want to read up on it so I'm familiar with the places we will be seeing while there. I didn't do that before Italy and regretted it. Doing the research has me even more excited to go. Summer can't get here fast enough.

Be sure to follow my blog to see the other layouts and pictures from both trips (once I complete them).

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