Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Thinking of You....Shelly.

I made this card for my cousin Shelly. Her mother (Aunt Norma to me) passed away unexpectedly this past Friday. She had a massive heart attack. When I woke up Saturday and heard the news I was sad and made this card...while crying.

I wasn't expecting Aunt Norma to die yet. She seemed healthy. Just the week before she posted a picture of herself playing the piano in a down town city center (you can see it below). My father was the unhealthy sibling. He has COPD and is on oxygen and has been for several years now. I expected him to pass before her.

I'm going to make a quick trip to Arizona to attend her funeral today. It will be a sad day. And I will be thinking of my cousin Shelly this next year as it won't be easy for her. Her mother was her best friend. Shelly is tough so I know she will survive. After all she beat breast cancer (just like her mom).

Rest in Peace my beautiful aunt Norma. I love you and know I will see you again one day. Have fun in heaven with your sister Annette (and her daughter, my cousin Laurel) and your Mom and Dad.

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