Monday, August 10, 2015

My True Crush

I bought a few Close to my Heart (CTMH) My Crush books a few months back (one for each of my kids and another for myself).

My daughter is always saying she's fabulous. The other day I told her she might sound vein saying she's fabulous. She said I've always told her to be confident and now I was telling her she is too confident! I guess too confident is better than none at all. I decided to scrap a page in her CTMH My Crush book that said fabulous... but I used "fab" instead due to limited space. I love how the layout turned out. I added a picture she drew in the lower left corner. She is always drawing pictures and throwing them away. I have to be quick if I want to save anything. A funny thing is when I first posted a sneak peak of this I had spelled "talented" wrong. Too bad we don't have spell check when we write by hand! Have you ever made spelling errors on your scrapbook layouts?

I turned 49 this past May. I decided to set a goal I could accomplish by the time I turned 50. Since I cannot run right now (due to injuries) and I'm a chunky girl I decided to set a goal of losing weight. I came up with the hash tag #50by50. Yes, I decided to lose 50 pounds by the time I turn 50. So far I haven't been very successful but I know I can still accomplish this goal. I bought a CTMH My Crush book to journal and add my pictures (ones I don't want to put on social media... but ones I wanted to remember. Do you have any goals this year you are working on? Do you journal your progress?

I asked my son to quickly write his bucket list down for this page in his CTMH My Crush book. Because it was a last minute thing he couldn't think of very many. I'm sure he will come up with more later. One item his listed is also on my bucket list.... to go to Africa. I don't think Ebola has scared us away! What's on your bucket list? Do you ever want to go to Africa? Do you have a My Crush book?


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Kim said...

I am now following your blog! As a CTMH sister, I am loving your style.....rocking these Crush books!!!!